Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Usborne Books - Jan Olive

My journey with Usborne Books at Home started in May 2009 when I met a lady selling the books at a fair in Taunton.  She had a huge banner that was advertising for Book Sellers which grabbed my attention.

At the time I was working for an insurance company and looking for an escape route.  She gave me a pack of information to take away and read…… one coffee later (ok and a slice of cake!) I was hooked.

I was aware of Usborne books as my son had enjoyed the Farmyard Tales when he was younger but I didn’t know that Usborne also had a Party Plan division.
As an avid reader I loved the thought of introducing young children to books and as Usborne offer a flexible opportunity I decided I could fit it around other commitments.

When you join Usborne Books at Home you pay just £38 for the Starter Kit which contains approx £120 worth of books, carefully selected from across the range, as well as all the business stationery you will need to start your own party plan business. Our catalogue contains over 2000 titles for children from birth to teens.
As an Usborne Organiser, you can sell Usborne books at home parties, toddler groups, in schools and throughout your community.  I started with my own party at home first and it snowballed from there.
Organisers  earn at least 24% commission AND you will have access to FREE and discounted books for yourself.  Once you have done your first party the Starter Kit is yours to keep and you work as much as you like; there are no sales targets.
I joined in June 2009 and by that October had become a Team Leader by introducing other people to the opportunity.  Last year was my first full year and was amazing – I even won the annual travel incentive and spent a brilliant 5 days in Iceland with 26 other Usborne winners. 


I now have a team of nearly 40 lovely Organisers from all around the country and I love helping them build their own businesses and seeing them reach their personal goals.  Some join to raise money for a particular event – holidays, Christmas, weddings and others are looking to give up work to spend more time with their families.
This is not a get rich quick scheme - it does require a level of commitment and hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding.  It is now my full time job although I only spend about 20 hours a week on it so it feels more like part-time because I choose when I work! I even managed to go to college two days a week for a year to pursue my other love – painting.

You don’t need sales experience but a PC, printer and a car are necessary.

You can read more about Usborne Books at Home on my website:
If you are interested in starting your own Usborne at Home business or have some questions please contact me, I would love to hear from you.

I also have a Facebook Page which you can find at Mojo Books at Usborne at Home where I post events and competitions and keep “fans” notified of Special Offers.

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