Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Truly Madly Baby - Ailsa Mcintosh

Hi, my name is Ailsa, a mum to two under 5’s and a Consultant Manager for Truly Madly Baby and Truly Madly Kid.

Truly Madly Baby & Kid is primarily a party plan company, set up to give mums like me a chance to start their own business around a lifestyle that suits them and with a low start up cost.  We sell a wide range of products from baby to older children (age 10).  There are too many products to mention, but the range includes items for learning, essentials (like the not so nice potty training), gifts and toys, from brands such as Kidorable, Trunki, Zoobies and much more.  The main thing to highlight is that most of these products are not ones you find on the high street or in supermarkets. They have all been specially chosen to ensure a varied and exciting range yet remain at affordable prices.
With it being a Party Plan Company then I would go into people’s homes or venues and demonstrate a variety of products, show the catalogue and give advice, a bit like a personal shopper!  It’s not all about parties though.  I go into baby and toddler groups, go to events, anything that I think will help build my business.  The good thing is, it is my choice.  There is no pressure on me from Truly Madly Baby, I can work as much as I feel is right for me and my family.

I came across Truly Madly Baby as I was looking into Party Plan Companies to earn some extra income.  I looked into every Company and I mean every Company but wanted it to be one where I loved (and used) the products, one that was affordable for customers and one that was not target orientated – only the targets I set myself.  I happened to be invited to a Party myself around the same time and sat looking at the catalogue thinking I must have that, that and that.  I thought if I think like that then maybe others would too!  I joined up within 2 days of that Party.
Truly Madly Baby is set up to be a low cost start up.  I genuinely believe they understand that us mums, especially if not working, do not have large outlays to pay.  It is only £20 deposit to join. Yes, I did say £20.  For that you get your kit, stationary and all the support to get you started.  Of course, there needs to be some commitment to meet the rest of the cost of your kit (£300 sales) but as long as you are willing to put the effort in, it is more than achievable.  What it does mean is that you can potentially start your own business for £20 and where else can you say that?
As there are no monthly targets, I work as much as I want to build up my business.  On average I would say 2-3 hours a day, usually when the kids have gone to bed.  Sometimes this will be in the form of going to a party, sometimes it is time spent working with my team, on recruitment or looking for new potential customers.  What is important to me, is that I still get to be a fulltime mum, which makes me very lucky.

Like any business from home, when the kids are around so much it can be hectic and there are things that would be good to do during typical ‘office hours’.  It has meant that I need to be a lot more organised and though I know I am a long way off, I am getting much better at it.  Also as there are no targets I have to keep setting myself little goals to achieve or I think it would be quite easy to have too much time off!  More importantly, I get to talk about products I truly believe in (no pun intended) plus my children have got some great free products as a result of my achievements too!  It doesn’t really feel like work either as I have so much fun and meet so many people.  I know that might sound corny, but it’s true.
So, if you are sitting there reading this thinking I can do that then get in touch with me!  I always share my experiences honestly as it is important that you are able to make well informed decisions.  My top tip is if you have any questions then ask them, no matter how many.  It is important to know as much as you can to make the right decisions that suit you and your lifestyle.

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  1. Having spoke to Ailsa on the phone I know how much she loves
    & enjoys her job/business, seeing children & parents enjoying themself
    & being offered an excellent service & Goods,really shows great quality in the provider
    I am also very happy to say she has joined our website
    For me to promote her service/goods on a daily basis, this is a pleasure
    To do for all our clients but inparticular people like Ailsa,
    Who works hard to bring the best possible customer care.
    Thanks for joining our website & thank you for taking this opportunity
    To post a blog about your business.