Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Social Media Outsourcing - Angeline Coupland

One for you business parents this week - more on a saving time theme!  I'm handing over to Angeline Coupland of @networkerplus who tells us all about their Social Media Outsourcing service.  
One of the most popular services @networkerplus Social Media offers is outsourcing.          
As we always discuss strategy with our customers, we can share the top reasons why you decide to do this and why you choose us.
3 key reasons for outsourcing social media
Time – You have come to the realisation that, to get real and measurable results, time is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to social media. You know you need to do it effectively and want a trusted partner to execute effective social networking.

Focus – You want to focus on what you are best at and outsource the marketing activities you know true specialists can carry out more effectively than you can through strategising. (Remember the saying "on" rather than "in" your business?)
Results – You have tried social media with no or little success, however, you appreciate others have the experience, achievements and the right mindset to achieve what you require on your behalf.
Why businesses outsource to @networkerplus
Having asked our customers, here are just five key reasons
Reputation - You either know us already or have heard we deliver and practice what we preach.
Transparency - Social Media is transparent and we love that! You have checked us out and like what we do for our business on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc. You’re assured we have the experience and proof that we can build networks and engage.  So many self-declared ‘experts’ out there, talk but don’t walk social media, let alone strategically. (For example, how many Web Designers say they ‘do’ social media however, when you check your LinkedIn, and Twitter activity, you find another story!...and what about blogging? – Active or passive?! What are they saying across the various social networks?      
Value Add - You also like that we do what we do best - social media and only social media. We don’t bolt on social media to our core services. Social media is our core business. Additionally, with over 25 years commercial & award-winning experience, (16 years in e-business), you know you are getting real expertise when it comes to planning and strategising with us.
Contacts & Intellectual Property - We have trusted contacts overseas who help us keep ahead on what’s going on strategically in this fast paced industry. We have also invested in the business and are able to demonstrate how and what when you plan with us. When you hear what we can do for you, you realise it's time to invest and stop continuing to spend copious amounts on time and money on expensive (or even cheap!) training sessions and simply dabbling.
Guarantees - @networkerplus we guarantee everything we do. Yes, that’s correct – everything!  We know there’s a lot of hype and many who have jumped on the social media bandwagon. When you outsource through us, and in the very unlikely event that we don’t achieve what we agreed to do, you get your money back. (Terms apply. Details available on request). That’s how committed and passionate we are about your business. You simply love the assurance that we’re not only a trusted partner, we also have a proven and award winning mindset.

For more information about us, have a browse at our website  However, more importantly, see our active activity across our social networks. We know it speaks for itself because that’s what you tell us.
Feel free to contact us for a free 30 minute, no obligation telephone consultation, to hear how we can help you gain more time, more focus and more results for your business!
Check out and click on testimonials!
Contact Angeline or John on 0800 988 6181 or 0766 414 0383 or register online for our complimentary FREE Strategy session worth £147!
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