Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Baby Presents that save money! - Rebecca Leek, NapNap

Here at NapNap we are always being told that the NapNap Voucher is a brilliant idea. We know! We are rather proud of it ourselves. And when people ask us how we thought of it, we are ready with our answer. When we had our first babies (and second and third!) we were given bundles of presents. Now this was obviously lovely and some were useful. However, we certainly now have enough babygrows and teddies between us to keep a baby army happy. At the same time, we had both chosen to use cloth nappies. 

Cloth nappies are much cheaper in the long run (especially if you are going to have more than one child) and are better for the planet and your baby's bottom. However, although they do work out cheaper, the initial buy can seem a lot. You can get started with a handful and ease yourself in but the idea of spending two or three hundred pounds feels like a fortune. In fact, it was what I spent the most money on when I was pregnant with my first (although I am the smug one now, pregnant with my third, not having spent any more on nappies since number one was born). So nappies would have been the best and most useful present. 

However, nappies are quite personal. Once you do a bit of research on the web, you discover that there are lots of different types. For example, will you choose a birth-to-potty, extending type that gets bigger as your baby grows? Or will you go for sized nappies where you need some in each size. It's a bit of a minefield. And that's why the NapNap Voucher was born - it can be used in lots of different places. So you can effectively ask for nappies for your new baby present but you still get to choose them yourself. The best of both worlds!

Disposable nappies are a false economy - they feel cheaper at the checkout but are much more expensive in the long run. We follow the philosophy of the NapNap Voucher with the other products we sell. Although some of the gifts in our online store, the Really Eco Baby Shop, can seem a bit more expensive than budget options, they are top quality, will last, are useful and are also kind to the planet. For example, our tin of crayons is more expensive than packs on the supermarket shelves. But we stock these because they are the only set of crayons that has lasted in this NapNap household. They are chunky, good quality, made of beeswax with no nasties, and come in a sturdy tin that is great to pop in the nappy bag. What other set of crayons lasts two years? 

So pop over to The Really Eco Baby Shop to see our philosophy in action. Do some guilt free shopping this Christmas. You will know that whether it's a NapNap Voucher, an organic baby-grow, or a wind-up toy, the gift will last and last. Be kinder to the planet and give a gift that won't end up gathering dust in a corner somewhere or getting broken before the 12 days of Christmas are out! - for advice an information on cloth nappies, where you can exchange your NapNap Voucher and much more. - gifts for all the family that are kind to the planet, including the NapNap Voucher.

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