Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mummy Money Saving Tips!

A while ago I asked some lovely Mummies for thier top money saving tips and this is what they came up with:

“Buy toys, equipment clothes etc at he NCT nearly new sales.”

“Join Freecycle - all sorts of unwanted items offered for free on there, or you can post a wanted if you need something.”

“Best money saving tip I would give is save as soon as you know you're expecting ... I can't believe how much money we frittered away whilst DINKies!! (Double Income no Kiddies)” 
Emma of

”Meal planning, before going shopping write out a list of 7 meals i will use for the week ahead and what i need to make them, then on my shopping list only put the things I NEED to stock up on, and stick to this list when shopping without going off buying 'deals' “

“Use online banking, regularly checking incoming and outgoing money.”

”Switch to 'own brands' everything taste the same its just cheaper to buy.”
Kerri of

“It's very basic advice, but I always buy in bulk for things like nappies & wet wipes as you're going to use them eventually & the more you buy the cheaper they are.  It pays to shop around a bit & know where the deals are on too as there's always one somewhere.”
Cathy, Taunton

"Making sure you have loyalty cards such as Tesco / Nectar as they come in handy at Christmas.  We only saved £15 in vouchers for Tesco this year but we doubled it so had £30 to spend on toys ... excellent money saving for us :)”
Joanne of

“I have a four year old and an 18 month old; one of my tips to save (or to NOT spend needlessly) is to give my eldest pocket money and to encourage a little bit of understanding.  So when we're in the supermarket and she's asking me to buy her something I can explain that it costs money and that she'll need to use her own pocket money!  It works... most of the time!  The thing you need to do is never give in, or they expect it all the time!”
Claire, Taunton for Tots

"Buy your toys second-hand from ebay (or wherever). Your kids won't notice or care and you will get three times as many for your money."
Vicky, Taunton

“Get the best value for Tesco clubcard vouchers by using them for days out and the sun (or other newspapers) £9.50 holidays are an absolute bargain. My girls love them.”

“I keep any paper that is blank on the back in a pile by the pc, the girls can paint and scribble all they like, I hardly ever give them new sheets, unless I think I'll want to send them to anyone, I also use it for any printing (maps etc) that won't matter.”
Elaine, Taunton

"Be a wise shopper and buying nearly new quality clothes for your little ones instead of splashing out on the high street! After all they grow out of them so quickly and it leaves you with a bit more cash for the other things... like a much needed latte or a well deserved glass of wine at the end of the week!"
Vicky, Looking Good Baby! Taunton:

“Join Sainsbury's Little Ones and Boots Parenting Clubs. Lots of vouchers/tips in magazines.”

“Stocking up when deals such as Sainsbury's 1/3 off baby and Asda baby week event.”

"Always check online for items you've seen instore. Websites like Kiddicare and Practical Puschairs have much better deals than in stores.”
Jackie, Taunton

"Join the local library - we buy some books new, some second hand, and borrow some from the library."
Georgi Rollings of

And my top tip is to visit comparison websites before you buy ANYTHING (either online or in store) to find out where the best deal is.  Then check voucher codes sites and cash back sites to see how much more money you can save! 
(There will be more on the best sites to use soon.)

What's your top money saving tip?  Please leave a comment below! :o)

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