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The Party Plan Guru’s Top 10 Tips for Party Planners / Direct Sellers

Everyone who is in party plan/direct sales will agree with me that it is not as easy as you may think when first starting out. You really need to put in the hard work to be able to get something great out of your business. When you joined up I am sure that your manager/team leader said “write down your FRAN” (Fran is Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances and Neighbours).  I was able to write these down but when contacting them, they were not all that interested. Was it the same for you?
Party Plan is so vast, so many companies are doing it, but what makes your business different to all the other consultants or companies is YOU. Thinking outside the box about your business, doing something different with your products or travelling along a different part than the norm will set you apart from everyone else. Think that if you were told to do something by the company or your up-line manager, so are about 100 other people, how are you different????

My top 10 tips for Party Planners are:

1.       Think outside of the box – Look at your products and write down all the different places you would be able to sell them and to who.  For cosmetics and beauty ranges go to mobile beauticians, they may even join later on, for Candles look at gift ideas put your own packages together.

2.       Themes – Look into different Themes for your parties, at the end of the day you are advertising a party in their where is the party? Or is just a lady trying to sell you stuff to make her money?

3.       Have confidence in your products – if you don’t believe in the products you are selling and you don’t get excited about them then who will?

4.       Be Organised – Get your home office in order, if you are organised at home then you will run your business better. Let’s face it if you worked in an office they would soon be asking you to sort your desk out if its in the state it is now!!!

5.       Advertise Better – Places like and Party Plan United are areas that you are able to advertise your business and get hostesses to you, but if you don’t have contact details on there like a phone number or email, how are people able to contact you? Trust me this happens a lot.

6.       Talk to everyone that you meet everyday! This can be the lady behind the supermarket till or the hairdresser you go to. I find myself even talking to the lady stood behind me in a queue. If you’re happy they will soon wonder why!!

7.       Coach your hostesses – so many party planners forget about this simple rule, Great you have a party, but sending them brochures and invites and then turning up on their doorstep 2 weeks later is not good enough. If you do this and don’t coach your hostess, don’t expect a great sales night.

8.       Try an online party – these will allow you to have a party on the internet without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. Check out:

9.       Look for external help – In a business you go on training programs and have monthly meetings, make sure you go to as many that your company are offering as well as getting help from others, like The Party Plan Guru, we are all here to help you be successful and earn more money.

10.   Have Fun – the more fun you have with your business and your products the better they will sell. If people see that you are having fun they will not only want a party but will want to join a business that makes them feel the way you do.
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