Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Minor Edition - Ipshita Chatterjee

My name is Ipshita and I design children’s dresses (2-6 years), using ethically sourced fabrics from India. I have a four year old daughter who has inspired me to start my business Minor Edition.
I grew up in a very creative family and so it was no surprise when I finally started my own business. My mother has her own boutique designing clothes that are individually hand-painted by her, for the last 30 years. All my childhood outfits were all handmade by her.

I think the tipping point was when I wanted a birthday dress for my little girl, that was both unique and affordable. It made me think that there must be other mums like me who are looking for affordable pretty dresses in different hues other than pink. When my daughter was about two years old, I decided to give up my long career in science and launch my own business. I have always enjoyed stitching and designing clothes ever since I remember, and this transition seemed natural. I travelled to India for inspiration and first-hand knowledge.

Few months later, Minor Edition was born - out of a love for beautiful textiles, bright colours and quirky mix and match of colourful fabrics, buttons, lace and other trimmings.
I work around the school hours since my little one has started school in September 2011. I do work till late nights or early morning and weekends, to catch up.
My business allows me to be creative and be my own boss. I can conveniently schedule all my work. I can manage a work life balance to a great extent. I have learned to start and run a business and love networking and social media as well. I am starting to enjoy the return and the satisfaction when the dresses sell.
There is nothing negative about my job because I love it and I am very passionate about it. I sometimes miss the office banter and evening drinks, though. The positives are way too many to actually even mention those.

The greatest fear of ‘what ifs’ before starting a business is a major obstacle that we all face and it must be overcome. If you have a talent or a good idea, it is important to do a market research however small and then have the courage to make a head start. It is also very important to be passionate about your business, believe in it and be proud of it. We all know that hard work and persistence always pays off. My greatest challenge till date is to work around very limited resources and that is where creativity (using social networking, offering your expertise in return to theirs like photography, web designing etc) helps.

Twitter: @minor_edition

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