Wednesday, 20 June 2012

If You Have Children You Need a Will...

This week I'm delighted to feature the first of a series of guest blog posts about the importance of making a will when you have children from Linda Fisher of Will Management Services


If you have children but do not have a Will, and if either one or both parents die, any children under the age of 18 may become wards of the court until guardians are appointed.

Let’s assume both parents die at the same time without Wills in which guardians have been nominated and both sets of grandparents feel they have equal right to become the children’s guardians.  The state then becomes involved and until the situation isresolved, the children may become a ward of court.
Imagine how much more upsetting this would be for a child at a time when the death of a parent would already be causing an enormous amount of distress and anguish.

The solution is easy – write your Will – nominate guardians for all your children who are under 18 years of age and YOU decide who will look after your children in the event that you are not there to do so yourself.

WMS is a member of The Society of Will Writers, professionally trained and regulated by them. 
Our offices are in the centre of Taunton, and we offer a low cost will writing and storage service.

For further information or to make an appointment please contact us at 49/50 East Street, Taunton or by telephoning 01823 336265.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Childcare Vouchers - kidsunlimited

Childcare Vouchers, family friendly savings that benefit both employee and employer from kidsunlimited.

Childcare vouchers are a tax efficient scheme to provide working parents with tax free help towards paying for childcare.  Every working parent earning above minimum wage is entitled to use between £97 and £243* per month tax free from gross salary towards their childcare costs in the form of Childcare Vouchers.

The employer saves on average £200 per employee per year who joins the scheme in Employers National Insurance contributions. The funds are collected by the employer from the working parent's gross salary and passed on to kidsunlimited by bank transfer to process and seamlessly transfer to the parent’s on line flexible account on pay day (For parents to manage) or direct to nominated childcare provider/s on agreed dates.

See how much you could save:

Employee Savings:
* Savings dependent on employee tax rate.

Employer Savings:
* Illustrative employers NI savings based on an average voucher value of £200 per employee per month and   
  Employers NI contributions at 13.8% (contracted in NI rate).

kidsunlimited has nearly 30 years experience in providing parents and employers with high quality corporate childcare solutions. kidsunlimited operates Childcare Voucher schemes for several hundred businesses across the UK, ranging from SME to FTSE100 companies.

To find out more about starting a new scheme, or transferring an existing scheme please call 01625 417684 ext 4003 or 07973 838832 e-mail 
For more information visit
In all communication please quote Zest Payroll Solutions.

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