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Paternity Pay and Leave

New Dads (or the partners of new mothers) are entitled to 2 weeks Ordinary
Paternity Leave when the baby is born and may be entitled to Ordinary
Paternity Pay while they are away from work.

To qualify for Ordinary Paternity Leave, he must have been with his employer
for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before the baby is due.

He must also be either the:
• Biological Father
• Mother's husband or partner (including same-sex relationships)

He needs to let his employer know he wants to take paternity leave by the
fifteenth week before the baby is due.
A Self Certificate (form SC3) to pass to his employer can be printed off from
the HMRC website:  

Ordinary Paternity Leave should either be taken as 1 week or 2 consecutive
weeks. It can not be split.

Paternity leave can not start until the baby is born and must be taken within
56 days of the baby being born.
Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay (OSPP)
If the father/partner qualifies for Ordinary Paternity Leave, and earns more
than £102 a week, he qualifies for Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay (OSPP)
This is paid at £128.73 per week or 90% of his average weekly earnings if
they are less than this.

Additional Paternity Leave & Pay
From April 2011, fathers/partners could also have the right to up to 26 weeks'
Additional Paternity Leave if the child's mother has returned to work before
the end of her Statutory Maternity Pay period. This is in addition to the 2
weeks Ordinary Paternity Leave they are entitled to.
He may also receive Additional Statutory Paternity Pay if the child's mother
has returned to work before the end of her maternity pay period.
Additional Paternity Leave can be taken from 20 weeks after the child is born.
It must finish before the child's first birthday.
Additional Statutory Paternity Pay is paid at the same weekly rate as the
OSPP and can be paid for a maximum of 19 weeks (to complete the Statutory
Maternity Pay period of 39 weeks for the mother).


Self Employed New Dads
Unfortunately, there is no paternity pay equivalent for self employed dads (which is rather unfair I think!!).

For more information visit:

A great website for dads-to-be and new dads is:


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  1. If you are a new dad and planning on taking additional paternity leave, I'd love to know as I've yet to come across any parents who think this is a good option!